My name is Querin Ventura.  I am my mother’s daughter and my brother’s sister.  My mother is an inspiration to me.  She is a hard-working and resilient woman.  The difficulties she has endured did not inhibit her from being a loving and compassionate person. I have two brothers, but my oldest Brother played the role of the father I did not have.  I come from humble beginnings but I never doubted how much I can accomplish in life.  Since childhood, I’ve always had an inner strength which I have always carried in me.  I have learned that it is in the most difficult moments of your life that your true character is tested.  I thank God for my family every day.  As an adult, I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I would like. (picture above: my mom Ana, niece Querin and nephew Ronnysito).



In this blog, I aspire to write about a variety of topics and issues pertaining to women, men (yes I said men), what makes us powerful (because we all are powerful and don’t you think for a second otherwise), health, empowerment, self-discipline and anything else that comes to my mind that I feel is important.  I’m also a book worn and so an article commenting on a book I have read may end up in my blog as well.

Of course what will be written here will be through the eyes of a woman–mine, but once again, men’s perspective is absolutely requested, actually that’s an understatement. It is necessary.  For centuries, the battle of the sexes has created inclusion and exclusion of gender and till today,the 21st Century, we’ve had our share of proving ourselves.  We’ve accomplished much and have come a long way, but there is still  a big disparity: Statistics show that men earn  on average.75c per hour more than women. 

My inspiration to write about all of us powerful women was borne out of the curiosity and need to discern and dissect deeper where we come from, where we are now and how we do it.  How do we overcome obstacles and declare our victory against all odds.


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