Healthy challenge–week one

 Hello everyone, 

It’s been over a week since I started my eat-healthy challenge.  For those of you who haven’t read it yet, check it out.  It’s called “Today, a day or Renaissance…” I started the challenge Friday, January 28th. That day  I knew I was making a life changing decision, to be healthy and to take responsibility for my health.  That’s the day I started creating my blog about women empowerment, so I knew that I had a bigger responsibility at hand.  How can I inspire others or even talk about women and power if I did not take responsibility for my own well being?  The process of writing has helped me to put things into perspective.  I just want to make anyone reading this article aware that I will not stress myself if I don’t do as well one day or one week.  Changing habits take time and I have never been a great eater.  This is why I decided to do the challenge in the first place.  If I was a consistent good eater and a consistent cook, then there wouldn’t be any need for me to do a challenge on eating well.  That being said, don’t be too hard on me if I only loose five pounds instead of twenty…seriously =) .

Now let’s get talking about what occurred during my first week:

It did not go as well as I thought, for hours later after I wrote my article, I woke up with a killing stomach pain.  I could not eat anything and I did not have the energy to get up and off my bed to prepare anything. You see how obstacles start surging as soon as you have a plan to do something? It was bad and it attempted to sabotage every intention I had to eat well.  So on Saturday, I did not eat at all.  I drank lots of water and ginger tea with honey to flush whatever it was that was causing such pain and discomfort out of my system.    One thing to keep in mind about Ginger, it’s very good for your stomach, for sore throat and even for hemorrhoid, but I’m not a doctor so consult one if you have any weird or serious conditions.  It may be hard to believe, but I think the pain was developed from some peaches I had eaten the night before.  So be careful with unripe fruits. Can eating fruits do that to you?  Apparently it can if it’s not ripe.  Sunday was Soup day all day; my stomach was just recuperating and I did not have any appetite but keeping in mind that I needed to provide my body with some nutrients, I prepared me a nice vegetable soup with all the vegetables I found in my fridge.  On Monday morning, I had oatmeal for breakfast and soup thereafter.  Tuesday I had oatmeal for breakfast and salad for lunch.  I also took a grapefruit and some healthy crackers with me to work.  Wednesday: oatmeal, yes again…and I did not get tired of it.  That was actually the only meal I was truly enjoying.  By the way, did I mention that I had oatmeal with chocolate-soymilk? I tried Zensoy organic chocolate soymilk. If it gets thick during preparation add a little bit of water.  It was a sensation; oatmeal is one of my favorite things to eat.   It also brings me good childhood memories since my mother used to prepare it for me oftentime as a child.  Slowly but surely I felt my stomach getting back to normal.  I also took some healthy snacks with me to my job. On Thursday, I ate some chicken with white rice. I was not going to eat chicken, much less white rice that week, but given the situation of my stomach, I decided not to be critically strict.  On Friday… what did I eat on Friday? On Saturday, I had a toasted bread with a little bit of olive oil- butter and low fat cheese. I ate some eggs and had some veggies.  Saturday: was my first day back to the gym in over a month, Yes!  I did cardio on the treadmill for about an hour. It felt great and I’m looking forward to my next visit.  That’s it for my first week.  Wish me luck, support and willpower.


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4 Responses to Healthy challenge–week one

  1. aline urkumyan says:

    you will loose the 20!!!
    i hope i loose the 30!

  2. Ronny says:

    Sounds good Tia, you can you do it. I believe in you and all that you do, anything you out your mind to can/will be done. As long as you keep your mind focused on it. You are definitely one of the people that inspire me to do everything. Keep up the good work Love You. ❤

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